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At Securiter we pride ourselves on our deep understanding of the Australian security environment.  We recognise that when it comes to providing security services one size does not fit all.  Every corporation, organisation and institution faces their own unique set of security challenges which require strategic and innovative solutions.  

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Our team is made up of experienced security professionals and driven by a former law enforcement investigator with extensive expertise in crime and counter-terrorism investigation.  We offer corporate front of house services, site guarding services, mobile patrols, CCTV installs and alarm monitoring.  We can advise and report to you on security risk management, security audits and crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED).    

We pride ourselves on our transparency and accountability.  Our services can be supported by state-of-the-art security software that gives your organisation access to staff tracking and roster management, which forms the basis of our invoicing. You can also have access to our officer’s live reports, whereby you or your contractors can be immediately notified of any issues relating to security breaches, alarms, maintenance and cleaning issues. 

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Securiter will develop a nuanced and strategic solution that will address your security needs without creating an environment of unwarranted fear, we achieve this by finding the balance between real and perceived threats.  Our cost-effective services can be delivered effectively whether they be discrete (low profile) or high visibility, high impact. 

Our fully accredited and professionally presented officers are recruited on the basis of their experience and inter-personal skills.  We back up our personnel with pro-active supervision, integrated technology, our comprehensive Code of Ethics and standard operating procedures.  In addition, Securiter officers receive our unique in-house counter terrorism – Behavioral indicators training’.      

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