Securiter sets itself apart from our competitors by applying a strategic and nuanced service to our clients. We pride ourselves on our client focus which is backed up by the investment we make in our processes and staff.

We do more than just delivering a core professional security service. We go beyond standard security accreditations and provide you with our highly valued and dedicated officers who are qualified in our unique counter terrorism ‘Behavioral Indicators’ training.

Our management team have a broad range of experience in private security and law enforcement. Our experience in corporate security, counter terrorism investigation and lone-actor terrorism enables us to astutely assess your security requirements and continually re-assess your needs and anticipate evolving threats.

We practice an open book policy; we guarantee accountability by providing you with direct, live access to data gleaned from our state-of-the-art security software.

We pride ourselves on our integrity. In keeping with this theme our back of office process is sound and 100% accountable. Rest assured that you will only be invoiced for the services you receive.

Securiter can play a key role in your facility management. Our officers are equipped with software that will link in with your building manager, your cleaning staff and maintenance contractors. If we identify a problem will can immediately alert your nominated contractors and record response times.

Our accounts staff utilise software that manages rostering and ensures that our staff maintain currency of their qualifications.

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