Owners and residents of residential apartments  have an expectation that their concierge service will align with their valuable investment. Securiter Concierge strives to exceed these expectations by providing engaging and professionally presented staff.

We dedicate a team to your site and commit our people to becoming an integral part of your community.

Our team will work closely with the owners, residents and the building manager to maintain a safe, warm and friendly environment.

We will protect the privacy of your residents and keep your building safe and secure. Our people are specifically trained in ‘Observe and Report’ techniques and have an eye for detail.

At Securiter Concierge we pride ourselves on ethics, transparency and process.

We offer the latest software which provides you with full visibility and integrates our staff with the building, the building manager and your contractors.

Our software analytics demonstrate our servicability – you will never be billed for services you have not received.

Representing You

At Securiter Concierge we recognise that we will be the public face of your building.

We take this brief seriously and go beyond providing you with first-class customer service; we’re also committed to enhancing the professional image and presentation of your building.

Our Services

We pride ourselves on our comprehensive service and reporting. With this context-awareness in mind, we offer you a range of professional services including:

The Security Environment

At Securiter Concierge we understand the importance of the evolving security environment. We keep our finger on the pulse and adapt rapidly to meet new challenges.

Our Concierge staff are trained to focus primarily on process and customer needs. In addition, all of our concierge staff receive our unique ‘Securiter Behavioral Indicators Training’ – delivered by a leading counter terrorism expert.

This additional safeguard allows us to passively and effectively monitor your security environment.

Our People

Securiter Concierge is built on the quality and professional development of our people.

Our staff operate under our well established standard operating procedures and a code of ethics which governs demeanour, presentation and behaviours.

We value and invest heavily in our people. We practice continuous improvement through supervision, mentoring and ongoing development opportunities.

SECURITEr: Open Book, Smart Security

Securiter Concierge offers the latest technology 

Our ‘Observe and Report’ techniques can be supported by stateoftheart software and represent industry best practice.  

Our processes deliver accountability, efficiency and significant cost benefits to you, our client. 

Unlike other providers, Securiter Concierge is an open book. We offer you access to our live data via our client interface technology. The client facing software gives you the ability to check on the location of our staff, rosters and incident reporting 

Our client services manager can generate a regular strategic report that provides you a with a detailed picture of your environment, facility management themes and resident feedback. 


If you so choose, Securiter Concierge can play a key role in contributing to your facility management.   

During the course of regular duties our staff will be tasked to report, photograph and record cleaning and maintenance issues as they arise.   

Our officers (at your discretion) will immediately bring these issues to the attention of your nominated contractors. We will track the response time and effectiveness of your contractors and provide you with a detailed report.     

As part of our service, Securiter can provide you with  regular and comprehensive strategic reports (at intervals of your choosing).  

The strategic report capture incidents, time frames and resident feed back. This data enables us to identify themes and anticipate risk. 

Privacy and Information Security

Securiter Concierge management and staff place the highest value on maintaining the privacy of your information and data.     

Discretion and privacy is a key focus in our standard operating procedures and written into the ‘Securiter Code of Ethics’. This same commitment is reflected in our company’s internal IT security practices.   

Why Outsource to SECURITER Concierge?

When you outsource to us you place the comfort and peace of mind of your residents in the hands of experienced providers – allowing you to focus on your core business.

Our friendly concierge personnel will continually monitor and report on the building environment.

We will provide you with regular verbal briefings, strategic advice and written reports.

Securiter Concierge can coordinate exercising to test evacuation processes, access controls, technology and staff responses to critical incidents. Exercising can be conducted by way of discussion groups, work shops, table top exercises and practical scenarios.

Protecting your Brand and Reputation

Securiter personnel are professional in attitude and professionally presented.   

We offer a corporatethemed uniform (suit and tie).  Alternatively, if you so wish, our personnel can wear uniforms bearing your corporate branding.  

Schedule a Free Consultation

We offer a free, no obligation consultation at a time of your choosing.

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