Securiter can play a key role in your facility management.  During the course of regular patrols our officers can utilise cutting edge software to report, photograph and record cleaning and maintenance issues as they arise.   

Our officers (at your discretion) can immediately bring these issues to the attention of your nominated point of contact or directly to you contractors.  We can then track and record the response time and effectiveness of your contractors and provide you with a detailed report.     

Securiter reporting includes, but is not limited to:

  • Resident and public complaints
  • Car park management issues
  • Unsafe environments
  • Fire alarms and evacuations
  • Security breaches
  • Behavioral issues, problem tenants and residences (i.e. Problematic Airbnb tenancies).
  • Reports of criminal activity
  • Property damage

Securiter offers regular strategic reporting (at intervals of your choosing).  The document chronicles our officer’s reports and captures incidents and time frames.  This data allows us to identify themes, anticipate incidents and focus our resources more strategically and efficiently.  

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