Our Approach

We understand that every organisation faces their own unique set of security challenges. 

At Securiter we meet those security challenges by adopting a strategic approach and delivering professional, progressive, cost effective services.   

At the heart of our philosophy is accountability and transparency. We have an open book policy. We offer a service whereby our entire operations from guards on the ground to invoicing, tax and wages are captured by state-of-the art software in real time.  We make this data available to you. 

At Securiter we recognise we are frequently the public face of your organisation.  

We take this brief seriously and go beyond providing you with expert protection and peace of mind; we’re equally committed to enhancing your corporate image.

Our operations manager has vast experience in the private security industry. Our managing director has recent law enforcement experience with extensive expertise in counter terrorism, crime investigation and crime trends.

Schedule a Free Consultation

Our consultations are informative and obligation free.   

We can assess your needs and prepare a comprehensive quote or offer advice on your existing security arrangements.   

Schedule an appointment and we will come to you at a time and place of your choosing, including weekends and outside regular office hours.   

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